Hiway Group

Branding from the ground up

Hiway Group are the largest road construction and ground improvement contractors in New Zealand

Our rebrand for the group unites their different business divisions to build brand consistency and recognition. To lay the foundations for their future success we have applied a communications strategy across print and web media that focuses on the solutions and benefits they provide.

Hiway Group commissioned The Fount to develop a new website and undertake a branding refresh of our established image in the construction market. They are professionals who sought to gain a deep understanding of our business and develop a polished solution which worked for the business. I found The Fount to be invested in what we wanted to achieve and they certainly provided the direction and advice that shaped the ability to navigate through a technically complex subject matter.

One area that was important to me was the ability to pick up the phone, have a discussion and work through changes without additional costs being incurred. I had surety of the budget whilst having flexibility in program and design to suit our business operations.

The Fount do more than provide a product, they partner in the true sense of the word providing value beyond my expectation, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Peter Metcalfe
Chief Executive Officer, Hiway Group