Well designed brochures, flyers and leaflets are an effective way for you to deliver important company and product information into the hands of customers and prospects.

Brochure Design

With professional brochure design you can enhance your company image and improve the communication of your key business messages.

Controlled delivery

Brochures are easy to use - just open the cover and turn the pages. This is why delivering a brochure into the hands of your prospects can be more effective than delivering a link to your website. And because brochures are read in the order of their pages you can control the flow of information, allowing you to clearly get across the messages that are important to you.

Create a strong impression

Because brochures are tactile objects there is more scope to make a strong impression than through digital media like websites or emails. Size, paper stock, weight and even smell can be used to create an impact and leave a lasting impression. Different printing techniques like varnishes, foils and embossing can be incorporated into the design of brochures to take full advantage of their tactile nature.

It is also possible to personalise brochures and flyers to use in direct mail campaigns. Digital printing allows you to incorporate names and other personal details into a brochure to make a connection with the recipient.

Sustainable printing

With recent advances in printing technology the production of brochures can be sustainable. Paper is one of the world’s most renewable resources and along with the use of vegetable based inks and other eco-friendly practices in the printing process sustainable printing has become a reality. For those with a focus on sustainability, displaying the logos of organisations like PEFC or FSC on printed material will also communicate a commitment for a sustainable future which itself is a competitive advantage for many companies.

Cost effective

The quality of digital printing has come a long way in the past decade and is constantly improving. This revolution in the printing industry has meant that small quantities of high quality brochures and leaflets can be printed with lower costs than traditional offset printing. For larger quantities offset printing can provide a low cost per unit giving you more options for value now than ever before.

Print design experts

There are a lot of factors involved when designing brochures so it’s important to work with designers who know not only design but print too. The Fount offers a full brochure design service including copywriting and print management to provide a start-to-finish service for our clients.

If you want to benefit from our extensive experience in print design contact us for a complimentary consultation.