Branding is the cornerstone of any successful design strategy and an important part of business communications. It will increase recognition of your business, giving it credibility and building trust with your target audience.


The process of creating new branding provides an opportunity to review the values and benefits you offer and establish the best communications approach for your target audience.

Brand strategy

Branding is all about conveying the right messages to a specific audience so it’s imperative to have a thorough understanding of your offer, clients and marketplace. With this knowledge the best approach to communications across a variety of media can be forged and an appropriate brand strategy established.

Brand creation

Creating a new brand is an opportunity to refresh the messages you send to clients, prospects and staff. It is as much about relevant communication as it is about presenting a consistent image for your business. When branding a new or existing business there should be a focus on how the business needs to be perceived by the audience.

Rebranding and brand development

If you are looking to move existing branding forward or change your branding completely it is important to review the recognition of any current branding. By identifying and retaining the equity that exists in a brand it is possible to leverage the positive attributes that have been built while moving towards a new brand strategy and branding.

Brand implementation

Implementing new branding will give your business a consistent and relevant presentation and has the advantage of streamlining the design process, saving time and money.

The initial roll out of new branded material needs to be planned. There are a few possible ways to introduce new branding:

Maximise impact and reduce confusion by launching a new brand within a short timeframe.
Spread out costs of the transition by planning a staged roll out from old to new branding.
Retain brand recognition from existing branding by using a bridging strategy to manage the change.

Branding expertise

Our experienced team have been working in the field of branding since the early nineties. The branding knowledge we have acquired encompasses strategy as well as design and implementation. If you want your business to benefit from professional branding The Fount can help. Take a look at some of the businesses that have benefited from our branding services or contact us for a complimentary branding consultation.