Divine Cupcakes Cookbook

Divine and tempting

Divine Cupcakes is a beautiful collection of cupcake recipes and designs that have earned it a ‘Best Desserts Book, New Zealand’ award at the 2009 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Luscious photos sit alongside practical ‘How to make’ guides to make even the tricky-looking creations worth a try. Divine Cupcakes is published by New Holland Publishers and has been followed by Celebration Cupcakes and Decadent Treats.

In order to achieve consistent high quality we depend on professionalism, experience and expertise in the designers and editors to whom we contract work.

The Fount has designed a number of book jackets and complete titles. In every instance they have displayed the creative flair and rigorous professionalism that ensure our titles are not only visually outstanding but also go to print on schedule and in bullet-proof technical order. We unhesitatingly recommend The Fount.

Matt Turner
Managing Editor, New Holland Publishers