Although we are told not to, most people judge a book by its cover and customers are less likely to take a look inside if your book doesn’t look great on the outside.

Book Cover Design

Whether your book is printed for sale in book stores or produced for digital media like Amazon’s Kindle a strong cover design is essential if a publication is going to attract the gaze of the browsing customer. And it doesn’t stop there, the spine and back cover are an important part of the package too when customers are looking to buy books.

Professional design

A effective book cover design will convey the contents of the book and appeal to the target market that the book is aimed at. The cover should be professionally designed and produced as it reflects on the quality of the contents and can be the difference between your book being chosen, or left on the shelf.

If your book is to be sold in stores don’t forget that its spine needs to be well designed too – it could be the only part of the book that customers get to see when stacked on shelf.

Stand out on shelf

The publishing industry is very competitive so don’t leave the sales of your book to chance. Get intouch to benefit from our wealth of experience designing book covers as well as whole titles.