Proposal and bid documents that are designed to present your business and your offer in the best light can be the difference between winning a tender or losing out to a competitor.

Proposal & Bid Document Design for Tenders

Whether you are submitting an Expression Of Interest (EOI), Request For Proposal (RFP) or any type of tender we understand that proposal and bid documents often require a fast turn around in order to meet set, and often tight deadlines.

Document templates

Having document templates designed and ready to use can take the pressure off when producing bids and proposals within short timeframes. Set information can be formatted in advance while other more specific aspects of a tender can be laid out to an established design, saving time without compromising on professional presentation.

Bespoke design for impact

For larger clients and contracts it pays to create a lasting impression. Bespoke proposal and tender documents can be designed for impact and relevance so you make the most of your opportunities. This can be anything from a special cover design to a full presentation package designed specifically to make you stand out from your competition.

Production options

Whether you want to print your proposals and tenders internally or send them to external suppliers for production we can help you achieve the best results and manage the process to ensure you meet deadlines.

Experience success

The Fount has helped a range of businesses, including some of New Zealand’s largest business service providers, to produce successful proposal and tender documents that help their businesses to stay on top. If you want to benefit from our experience and professional approach contact us for a complimentary consultation that will be treated with discretion and in confidence.