An annual report can be the
most important document your
company creates, especially
if you are looking for growth
and investment.

Annual Report Design

Your annual report not only fulfills legal obligations but with insightful annual report design it can be developed into a strategic marketing document that promotes your company’s capabilities beyond stakeholders and financial institutions to potential clients and investors.

Promote your company

An annual report can be used to communicate positive information about your company to prospects, clients and staff. As well as reflecting on past performance it can be used to present future direction and aspirations while promoting the brand values of your organisation.

Invest in your future

If your company is in a growth phase an annual report that portrays professionalism and integrity can be an important asset to secure interest from investors. Presenting a clear and inspired view of your future will help investors and prospects to buy into your company’s vision making you an attractive option for their consideration.

Practical success

A successful annual report has to ensure accuracy of information and must meet deadlines that are set by regulatory bodies and annual meetings. From working on annual reports, financial prospectuses and investment statements we have the necessary awareness of these important practical requirements and have proven our ability to produce documents that meet stringent requirements and adhere to deadlines.

Our experience includes all aspects of production so we are able to deliver you printed documents as well as electronic files for digital distribution.

Our designers have worked on annual reports for the technology, education, financial and health sectors. Talk to us about how we can add value to your annual report.