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Welcome to issue 26 of The Source. In addition to the eight information packed articles from our industry experts we welcome our latest contributor, KOR Creative, who bring you something different Ė a video article.

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Your Brand as a Person
by Chris Wadsworth
The Fount

Imagine your brand as a person. How do they dress? How do they speak? What is important to them? Then ask yourself; do I want this person working for my business? ...
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Is Your Brain In Autopilot?
by Jo Fife
Grow Your Business

Most people assume they are in control of their brains, but the truth is we are mostly in autopilot. Unless you purposefully take advantage of the capability the brain provides you with, you are missing out on an enormous amount of potential ...
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How to Retire Debt-Free: A 4-Step Checklist
by Keith Kerr
Financial Solutionz

Do you know how much you need in savings to fund your retirement? Are you factoring in your current debts? Check out these tips to help you retire without debt ...
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Are You Doing What You Love?
by Ann Cooper-Smith
StreetSMART Accountants Ltd

As a business owner it is your job to lead your team with passion. If you find yourself out of love with your business you can develop/reignite it. Typically you are what you focus on, so if your passion for your business has waned then you must do something ...
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Wake UP to the Benefits of Invoice Funding and Factoring
by Laurie Lowther
Invoice Funders

Why is it that in New Zealand we, as a nation of SME businesses, avoid this type of funding? Yet in the UK, Europe and the USA it is a fully utilised way of funding a business Ö in fact itís the most popular way! ...
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A Wise Man Once Said ...
by Colleen La Touche
Solutions Financial Services

It is easy to get on the treadmill of life, always searching for the next win, without taking time out to enjoy the moment, and often realising when an event occurs, that the future is now a lot less certain ...
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What ARE You Telling Your Customers?
by Sarah Lochead-MacMillan
Business Turbo Boost

When youíre sending out your marketing material, doing your advertising and putting messages on social media, are you getting the traction, awareness and sales you thought you would? Most small businesses donít ...
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What A Video On LinkedIn Can Do For You
by Steve Wallace
KOR Creative

Want to know what a video on LinkedIn can do for you? KOR Creativeís video article informs and educates ...
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Thinking About Getting Your Business on Social Media? Hang On Just A Minute Ö
by Lisa East
The Content Agency

Having a social media presence is an important part of the marketing plan for many businesses, but there are a few things to think about before you jump in. ...
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