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With Christmas around the corner many of us will be looking forward to some downtime but don’t forget it’s also a great time to plan for the year ahead. The articles in this issue of The Source will help you make the most of the rest of 2013 and provide inspiration for 2014.

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What is Brand Strategy?
by Chris Wadsworth
The Fount

To benefit from a strong brand your business first needs to understand what a brand is and then you need to put a strategy in place to build a brand that works best for you and your marketplace ...
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6 Mistakes Managers Make When Coaching Their People and What To Do About Them
by Jo Fife
Grow Your Business

This issue, I want to talk about the mistakes managers frequently make, what to do about them and to provide you with a tool that will help these meetings to be more productive and motivating to your people ...
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What Will a Rate Increase Mean for You?
by Keith Kerr
Loan Market

With the recent interest rate increase mainstream media has published doom and gloom scenarios about what will happen to the average Kiwi home owner. In recent articles headlines have read: “Sink or swim: How will you cope with higher mortgage payments?” ...
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What Will You (Deliberately) Achieve Before Christmas?
by Ann Cooper-Smith
StreetSMART Accountants Ltd

By the time this article is published there will be 6 weeks until Christmas. You will probably be busy maximising sales, completing projects and providing services before the traditional “Kiwi” Christmas summer shut down ...
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Find Four More Hours in Your Week
by Sarah Lochead-MacMillan
Business Turbo Boost

Many of my clients state that they have no time. This is incorrect for I think 98% of you do. To get time you have to value time. To value time, you have to value all of it equally and therefore schedule all of it ...
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You Only Know What You Know
by Colleen La Touche
Solutions Financial Services

I don’t think a truer statement could be said, and over the last few months whilst building my new home, this has been highlighted in multiple ways. I have never considered myself a handy person, so considering where ...
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The Secret to Staying Hydrated While Exercising in the Summer Heat
by Sally Feinerman
Fitness Fix

Summer is such a great time of year to be outdoors and for many New Zealanders we ditch our indoor training to go outside during summer. Let’s face it, exercising outside is simply more fun ...

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Marketing For a Start-up or New Business
by Renata Mathewson
Maple Marketing

If you’re starting a new business, getting your company image right from the very beginning is crucial. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are a few pointers to start off on the right track ...
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Losing Sight of the Trees
by Tony Rutherford
Dial a CFO

You’ve likely heard of the expression “losing sight of the forest for the trees” and understand its meaning, however what if the opposite occurs? That is, you are immersed in the day-to-day white noise of working in your business and fail to observe ...
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