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Branding vs Advertising
by Chris Wadsworth
The Fount

Branding often gets confused with advertising, however both activities are very different and in many ways they are opposite. Both are strategic business tools with different functions ...
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6 Practical Steps to Gaining Team Buy-in to Your 2013 Goals
by Jo Fife
Grow Your Business

Over the holidays some of you will have taken time out to do some planning and will be clear about what you want to achieve in your business this year. But how will you get buy-in from your team? ...
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Do You Need to Pay Tax on Your Property Sale?
by Keith Kerr
Loan Market

The big question facing property owners is whether or not they need to pay tax on the sale of a property. Income from property is an area that can confuse property dealers ...
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Sobering Statistics
by Colleen La Touche
Solutions Financial Services

I was recently shown some stats from the New Zealand Government Health Information Service from 2005. They highlight some very interesting facts and reiterate to me the importance of having insurances that will work at claim time ...
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What is in a Good T&C?
by Cathy Adams
Vendor Management

Savvy business owners both large and small appreciating the value offered by having a good set of terms and conditions that are aimed at establishing a service baseline ...
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An Easy Way to Write This Year’s Marketing Plan
by Renata Mathewson
Maple Marketing

There are a lot of clichés when it comes to marketing. Two you hear often are “fail to plan, and plan to fail” as well as “if you want to know where you’re going, look at where you’ve come from”. Those come to mind because they’re true ...
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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick
by Sally Feinerman
Fitness Fix

We often see the new year as a way to start afresh; throw away the old habits that don’t serve us and start with the new habits. We begin with gusto but by the end of January many of us have given up ...

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Why the Rules of Weight Loss can Teach us Better Business
by Sarah Lochead-MacMillan

With our new year resolutions made, and for some already broken, I will bring up the subject of one of the more common resolutions made and explain how you can apply this to your business ...
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Four Planning Pitfalls to Avoid
by Hamish Stevens
Dial a CFO

When talking with small business owners, I always ask them how ambitious they are. I do this because it is often claimed that New Zealand smaller businesses are not ambitious enough. What I hear is that most business owners are in fact very ambitious ...
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