As we head into summer and a time of year that brings with it some unusual peaks and valleys in trading and work flow, take the time to review the advice from our contributors. You may find yourself with some quiet time in January where you can do some work on your business and apply the industry knowledge they’ve shared.

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  Branding a Franchise Business
by Chris Wadsworth
The Fount

If you run a franchise business or are thinking of turning your business into a franchise then branding is a key consideration ...
      Purchasing at Mortgagee Auction
by Keith Kerr
Loan Market

There may be some bargain properties up for grabs at mortgagee sales but buyers need to beware. Purchasing at mortgagee auction ...
  Dealing With the Media in a Crisis
by Jo Fife
Grow Your Business

When it comes to crises and how well companies deal with them through the media, most people think of big events like the recent Christchurch ...
  A Different Christmas Gift
by Colleen La Touche
Solutions Financial Services

We forget how important oxygen is until we have our heads under water. Similarly, we can forget how important it is to have cash flow ...
  Is It True That We Get What We Pay For?
by Cathy Adams
Vendor Management

The global recession has proved more than a cash flow problem for many businesses and it has forced ...
  Help I Have No Time!
by Sarah Lochead-MacMillan
Online Mentor

If you feel like you are running very fast just to stay in place then it is time to stop. Don’t panic, stopping is okay ...
  10 Things You Can Do With Little Or No Marketing Budget
by Renata Mathewson
Maple Marketing

If you own or manage a SME with limited marketing funds, here are some ideas of what you can do ...
  Plan To Sell Ahead Of Time
by Jeremy Wilson
Success Group

At every life stage of your business, you need to be planning ahead to move forward and succeed. Selling your business is no exception ...
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